Yes! The electric hand truck improves results but more than expected

Good morning everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha. Today, I am going to talk about the 500kgs electric hand truck which is new and highly acceptable by the buyers.

Being the most trusted electric hand truck on the market today is no surprise when you look at the other options out there. The Trade Peak hand truck was designed, tested, and perfected by inflatable delivery professionals for the sole purpose of maneuvering large inflatables such as large bounce houses and water slides in off-road conditions like grass, dirt, gravel, mud, and bumpy terrain. Loaded with features like no other inflatable hand truck, it get the job done. No other truck compares! Take a closer look and compare this truck to others on the market. You will see why the Trade Peak is the best!

Inflatable dolly

As a manufacturer of hand truck, hand trolley, wheelbarrow, we prepare lot of raw material and other supply in stock for preparing order. Normally, our workers use the original hand truck to carry or transport some stuff, such as small metal plates, boxes and plastic parts, etc, it takes much time and energy, really low efficiencty for all the production, and waste so much time. You may say why not to prepare a forklift to do that? Yes, those machines are with gasoline or diesel fuel, it is polluted to our workers’ body and harmful to the enivironment. Yes, you may still have question for that, we could use an electric version to make it. You are all right. However, the electric forklift is too weak to last a long time or distance working condition. Then, I have an idea want to make an electric hand truck to support their work, then the first demo electric hand truck come out. And during the 5 years with several times and testing by our own using experience, I decided to share it with people who real needs it. Some comparison between Trade Peak Electric Hand Truck and others.


Trade Peak Electric Hand Truck

Other Competitors

Height 63.00’’Could customized according to different using condition 51.18’’Fixed style
Axle rear bridge that is same with electric motorcycles. 16mm diameter
Gearbox 1 Forwarder + 1 Reverse controlled by electric No
Electric Kit Set Yes No
Front Plate Round, Oval, Square, Fixed, Adjustable, Foldable, etc Square and Round
Brake Magnetic + Hand Brake or Magnetic + Foot Brake No
Capacity 660lbs, 880lbs, 1100lbs, 1500lbs, 2200lbs, etc 330lbs, 440lbs
Grip Handle Natural Rubber Grip with LED light Only rubber grip
Torso Assisted Pushing Suitable for pulling after fully loading No
Tire & Wheels Trailer Tire and wheels Not for high way & pressure pneumatic or solid wheel

Frame: Trade Peak Electric Hand Truck 63” height is taller than the other hand trucks, the round pipe thickness is 2mm, maximizing leverage and giving you extra room for larger tombstone or carrying accessories such as blowers along with the tombstone. Since gravestones are DEEP & ROUND, I designed a curved frame to cradle them and keep them from rolling off the hand truck. Look around… almost every hand truck on the market has a flat frame and gravestones will slide right off of them!

Axles, Bearings & Hub: The axle on the Trade Peak Electric Hand Truck is the most stronger by far in this field. #20 link shaft which is basically a shortened version of the axles found on boat and utility trailers.  They are designed to handle unforgiving pounding with 550lbs on each single trailer wheel at highway speed. The 6204 bearing that is inside of the wheels could supply the susbantained quality. And other labor cart or handtruck which is normally used with ball bearings, that is really weak and low pressures.

Gearbox Ratio 1:28: The split low-speed gearbox with a speed ratio of 1:28 is more stable than that of 1:20, and the torque increase is greater than that of a motor with the same wattage and better control. Splitting the differential transmission can make turning in zero.

Tires & Wheels: The tire adopts the structure of drum brake and wheel disc, which is more balanced and stable than that of the tire adopting the bearing plug type. Moreover, the tool carts or the other hand trucks normally use iron bearings with poor precision and short service life.

Controller: 24-tube aluminum smart chip controller, overheating protection, speed prevention, low voltage protection.

Electric Motor: 18-tooth brushless permanent magnet differential motor, which supply 200W, 400W, DC power input, brushless motor with high output power. There are 4 control methods to choose: I/O, RS-485 communication, CC-Link, MECHATROLINK. With the reliable performance, no wear, low failure rate, product life is about 6 times higher than that of brushed motors, and it also represents the development direction of motors. It is a static motor with low no-load current, high efficiency and small size.

Charging Model: 3 opotions of charging model. Charge mode1: CC–CV constant current–constant voltage (common mode) Charge mode2: CC–CV constant current–constant voltage–off (smart mode)Charge mode3: CC–CV constant current–constant voltage–trickle (smart mode)

LED Display: Red- In charge; Green- Fully charged.

inflatable trolley

Inside Safety Protection: Short-circut protetion, Over-current protection, polarity reverse protection, and over – voltage protection.

The needs of the gravestones industry are unique. At Trade Peak Hand Trucks, we have custom dollies that are designed to transport the loads typical within the coffins rental business. We understand the importance of worker safety and efficiency to keep you running smooth and profitable. A good dolly makes the day a little better for your staff. In the busy go-go atmosphere we operate in, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wrestle with your dolly to pick up a heavy load at midnight. Give yourself and your workers a bonus and try our custom dollies. We’ve been there and have a first-hand working knowledge of what you deal with on a daily basis. Our dollies make hauling over any terrain less strenuous. Maybe you’ve tried those heavy dollies where your are not only trying to get the dolly up and out, but you are also wishing you had a brake system to help you maneuver your equipment with less effort.

Our hand trucks make transporting your load effortless and easy. We understand the importance of safety and the attitude of your employees trying to get a heavy load up on a hand truck (especially a heavy gravestone or gravebricks!).

Our heavy-duty hand trucks are the best dollies on the market for moving heavy inflatables. Just be warned that your drivers will fight over it and everyone you know will want to borrow this dolly to move something they have including your customers.

Don’t waste your money on a cheap dolly or hand truck only to find out you needed to buy a dolly from us to get the job done. Save lots of time and energy by buying the right dolly to move inflatables from the beginning.
heavey duty inflatable dolly
Our heavy-duty dollies and hand trucks will save you time and money in a short period of time not to mention having employees working for you that will not work near as hard as you will so buy them a tool they can use so you don’t have to help them every time.
If you’re looking to purchase a heavy-duty dolly for Inflatables then you just found the best place to buy a dolly or heavy-duty hand truck. We manufacture a full line of dollies and hand trucks for the Inflatable, party rental, Landscaping, and warehouse distribution industry.

Moving Inflatable water slides and giant slides like the Vertical Rush will be a piece of cake with our line of heavy-duty hand trucks. You need to know how to roll Inflatables properly otherwise no dolly will work. If your new to the industry and need help please call us now for assistance. 

Post time: Dec-15-2022
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