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Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha, Happy New Year to all of you! We are back to work after the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday. A new start is coming after the three years covid-19 influnce. Today, I am going to talk about some matters which is related to the Spring Selling Plan, hope it could supply some new idea for your purchasing.

About the importing and exporting data in 2020, which is the first year of virus spreaded, all the people around the world are not knowing what happened, so it looks like everything is going there smoothly. Buyer and sellers are in the mass of not getting the products, not delivering the products on time, even can not be produced very well. Then 2020 has gone from us. In the following year 2021, everything starts to change, the international buyers aware that it’s a long term ‘war’ between the virus and humen, and Chinese manufacturers adjusted their production and working process to face this tough situation. Then the mini construction equipment is heated iterms, the buyers reserved a lot of products from China, especially for the mini excavator, mini loader, and mini dumper, as well as other forest machinery, such as wood chipper, trender, etc. You could see these items are almost under the HS code of -84. If your business is in those ranges, I believe you have already grown big and fast. 2021 treemap value of export by China Chinese exports in December declined 9.9% year-on-year to $306 billion. “China’s foreign trade and exports showed strong resilience in the face of many difficulties and challenges,” customs spokesperson Lu Daliang told reporters. The World Bank in January cut its forecast for the global economy to 1.7% growth from a previous forecast of 3%. To be sure, China is set to rebound as the country opens up against after lockdowns to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The economy will get going again, although China faces the prospect of over a million deaths as unvaccinated people go to work.

For all of 2022, exports rose 7% year-on-year to $3.59 trillion, less than 2021′s 29.7 % rise from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic. Imports increased 1.1% to 2.7 trillion, below previous year’s 30% uptick. The country’s trade surplus expanded by 30.7% to $877.6 billion, setting a new record.

And although China is the world’s number two economy, after the U.S., it’s still the greatest trading power the world has ever seen. China’s total trade, imports plus exports, hit $6.3 trillion in 2022, up 4.4% from 2021, and an all-time record.2022 export value by China

The above map shows us the 2022 export value by China, during the covid-19 spreaded, we won’t stop to grow economic, and keep up finding the balanced point between the safety of people and growth of economy. Finally, we started to go back to the normal life in Dec, 2022. There is no limited regulations on aboard, and we could go abroad to visit our partners after three years. So I think you could imagine the situation, that is why 2023 is a special year for all the people who is in the international business trade areas, we are ready to meet you! And during our communication with different partner in the world, we know all is slow down, especially for the selling. The demand of market is smaller and weaker than the several years ago due to the wars between Ukrain and Russia, the european groups are facing the disaster sloping against the past 10 years development; the American condition is still not well, the turbulent times is there, we have to face something more difficult than before, that is why I want to talk with you about this Special Spring Selling Plan.

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Firstly, check your stock items, you should know the quantity and items in your stock for a better plan in the following season, and knowing what kind of product selling well, what kind of items slower, adjust the sales direction, make variety options for the different customers. For instance, if you are the reseller of the mini excavator and mini dumper, smaller capacity will be with faster selling, which can be with the one who slower sending, maybe mini transporter, or wood chipper, then have a collection price for clients reference.  Or there could be some small hardware tools for a better reputatioin of your company.

Secondly, calculate the whole cost, including the freight cost, tax, your labor, replacements, etc. After knowing all of this cost, you will have a clear view about your own business, than get a suitable profit range to change your selling and purchasing  in the following months. The reason I mentioned on this part that wants to make you catch every small changes on the cost, if you could gain more 1%, that you must do, if you could get better relationship with your agents or dealer, you must put your heart to get it.

Thirdly, talk with your current supplier to check the newest price of the product, as well as the improvements on the product that you have already purchased. When you learning this, the next quarter purchase plan is there, at the same time, you will know what kind of product is selling well in the following season, supplier could give you more information for a better choice. May you think they always want your order, I say yes, it is truth, however, buyer and seller is actually the partner on the business, so do not hesitate to contact and ask them for the help that you need.



Fourthly, do the advertisement on everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE. Spreading your product and company details to the places that you could remember, you could see, let people know what you are doing, what you are selling, what is your advantages and highlights, and what’s the key point of why they must choose you to buy this kind of product. If you have a lot of cash, pay for, it is the easiest way, if not, use the simple channel to make your brand famous as much as you can.

Fifthly, analyze your customer, make your own clients group. Remeber every client who give you trust to buy the product, take a detail note on their name, what they bought, and what they concerned, then make a list of that. You could supply some products knowledges on time, or prepare some after-sales service, and transfer the promotion every time, or just visit them and to see the product using, chat with them, knowing their life and working experience, to be friends with your client, and make more connections with them. Maybe it is useless for your selling, but they will give you more than what you think. As my opinion, business is for the relationship that between different people.

Sixthly, getting some shipment information, or learning the different shippint items details. I know if you have experienced of importing, you will know FOB, CIF, DDU or DDP. But knowing is not enough, you’d better to study more information on that. One is for your own importing to check the cost, the other is for the changes of sea shipping or other supply that is related to the international shipment. This will help you to make the choice at the right time, on the other hand, you still save a lot of transportation cost for order.

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Seventhly, try to make your own team. I know it is hard for a fresher who just make business, however, the earlier you prepare this thing, the easier your business will go. Divided the different work into parts, then hire the right person to do it, you will have good result which is better than you did, then, tell them your dream, your thinking of the business, or your idea for the company, your team will know what they are doing now, and they will make their own minds to proceed every detail of work. At this time, you will have more time to think about the direction of business, and checking more good items. Please remember, let your team earn money, make your team members get money, the more money will get back to you.

Eighthly, organize salon every month or every quarter to choose the good partner from your clients. The reason I make this at the last part due to the clients who bought from you, the basic point is they like you and trust you, think you will be the ‘right’ person who want to cooperate. I want to ask you what the partner mean to you, is that just a relationship or the connection between you and money? or the new start of the hope? For me, I treat it as the best inner-side people who could support you to do more things in the near future. They may stay in the different working condition, but they have same request on buying exactly items in your shop, this resources or the exchange-information is really important for everyone.  I always believe that getting more orders means making better relationship with your clients, not only for kissing somebody’s ass, but also knowing the real demand and being the real person to solve the problem.

These are all points that I want to share with you, and also I follow up these principles to treat my customers, they are friends, they are my teacher, even some of them will be my old sister or brother, I would like to supply any help that I can do if they need me, I will stand by. Ok, thanks for your reading, that’s all for today, hope you could make a good spring selling plan in 2023, and achieve the better order. If there is anything that you are interested in, please check our website for more details, there are different models with details online for your reference. If more inquiry, you could contact us by salesdirector@tradepeakchina.com, or give us phone call at 86 183 6627 5185.  Samantha and our team is ready for your service! 2023, a new start for everyone, let’s get together more than usual to move on!

Post time: Feb-03-2023
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