What should I do under the sharp exchange rate?

Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel, this is Samantha, long time no contact you here. My city was lockdown again due to the Covid-19, hope all of you are well at your countries. 

During the sharp fluctuated exchange rate between USD & CNY, or USD & CAD, or the other currency, the international business became harsh and terrible. Buyers placed a lot of orders, and we finished them, and kept in our factotry for a long time again. They asked me when the rate could be back to normal level, it is hard to give you exactly date or period, honestly. The united states of America will rate hike tonight, we don’t think it could be better. According to these ten years data, if it kept there, the best lucky situation comes out. So let’s keep eyes on it. 

exchange rateIf I were you, take actions at the right time is what i followed up this rules to do every single decision. We can’t make the top rate every time, as the old Chinese saying that leave well enough alone. At the same time, the freight by sea drops a lot for the east and west line of american, you may want to get the lower or the lowest point to send all, however, do not forget about the truth is generally held by the minority. Most of people they will think it as same. When every buyer delayed the shipping date, so did you, and once there is no product in stock, youc could think about what will happen. Consumers wants the goods they need. And if you have enough machines in stock, you could sell more and gain more market at one day. That is why the wholesales and distributors always control the market very well. You may say I don’t have money to reserve a lot, that’s easy to solve. For example, you will place order of 20 units tracked barrow QTP501C, then you could talk with any supplier to pay for 10% deposit to prepare raw material, then you lock the current price. When they are ready, you could let them show you it, then you decide when to start the order to catch the better shipping and selling date.usd & cny

The above exchange rate chart are showing you the changable data of USD & CAD, USD & CNY, I think you still check it by your side. It is not controlled by ourselves, the things that we could do is preparing for the worst, do the best that we can, then all things that happened, we don’t regret some. The whole economic situation is not very well due to the virus and wars, maybe we will fall back to 10 or 20 years ago. We should know this and try to accept it, then do some changes and get through together. As a supplier of some construction equipment, we will calculate the producing cost, adjusting the worker positions, reduce some extra expand to make a moderate price, and also to maitain the quality at the original level. Let’s make it together, we may strive for further improvement. 

Post time: Nov-02-2022
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