The Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Inflatable Dolly

Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha. Hope you had a nice weekend. The Christmas is coming soon, send my best wishes to you and your family. Now, let’s think about what i am going to talk today. Considering lots of buyers’ request on this product, I prepare several ultimate guidance for you to find the right inflatable dolly


Firstly, ensure your procurement requirements. There are lots of dollies in the market. Some of them are used for inflatables, some of them are used for gravestones, and also still used for carrying haystacks, etc. If your local market is for inflatables, you should pay attention on the width and shapes of the dolly due to the inflatables are all around and big, the Trade Peak inflatable dolly is with oval frames at two sides which is with 25 degrees to support the wider and bigger inflatables stable. There is no need for you to use the nylon belt to fix the inflatable on it. The two oval frames could be foldable after your using, this could help you to keep it easily and save a lot of storage spaces in your warehouse.

Secondly, 100% knowing your target market. I think this point is the most important for distributors and retailers. For the inflatable parts, some of them are larger and longer, some of them are smaller and shorter, some of them are showing outside, some of them are kept inside of the shopping mall or supermarket. Then this will affect the dolly you choose. There are 1650mm dolly and 1310mm dolly, as well as the different options on battery, such as lead acid and lithium. The Trade Peak dolly is with 1650mm and 1310mm length, two different version, at the same time, 20ah lead acid power and 12.5ah lithium battery. The lithium one is much lighter than that one, so if the target using request is for the lighter and less pressure, you could choose the lithium one; if the market showing you the powerful and stronger, lead acid that is 1650mm suitable. Anyway, no matter 1650mm, 1310mm, these two types battery are available. 

Thirdly, start to source the right supplier. You can use google to find the suppliers that is including the trading and manufacturing, something like inflatable dolly supplier, or motorized dolly, or dolly producer, etc. I think google is much knowledgeable for collecting this information. And you still fill these key words into the browers, then it will show you the various companies to compare. And you could use the local yellow-page to find someone who has already bought or purchased these kind products to learn more about it. I think the fastest way for you to get the answer that is using b2b platform, however, there are lots of suppliers on these platforms that is difficult for you to find the real supplier who make this kind of dolly. But indeed, you could know something directly by it.

Fourthly, comparing the different suppliers. This part is much more detailed then the others, so I will divide into several small tips for you to know it clearly. 

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- Manufacturing ability, this one will depends on your order going process. If you have the customized service, manufacturing supplier could provide better than the trading. Normally they have complete team to supply the demo that you want, like the draft drawing, CAD, etc. During this period, you could supply your idea and they check and make it into the hand-made sample. 

- Design ability that makes great ideas come true. If you have imporing or purchasing experience, you must know what i am saying. As mostly, when you had a good idea, and it should be come true to a real product, and real functions in sight. Then the supplier you choose will tell you the answer. 

- Honesty to do business. You may think this is useless for business, or normal level for all suppliers. I don’t think so. When you start to do business with someone, he or she must be honest, it means no matter what happened on order, you know everything, bad or good, it is bright and easy. If problem is there, solve it together; if everything goes well, perfect deal. But if the supplier is not with this ability, it is too complicated to move on, you must pay more attention on the order and worried about every steps on it. 

- Efficiency for communication. Time is money, and we are all busy for something. If there are troubles, the high efficiency communication ability could make you happy and convienet. You can catch any opportunity to solve all of that.

- Customization. The Trade Peak dolly is 300kgs, 500kgs, lead acid, lithium battery, heavy duty, motorized, etc. These items are all customized for different buyers. Once we make it for you, the sample will be sealed for your own, then you could get a better selling option for your own market. 

Fifthly, prepare the spare parts for your order. The Trade Peak inflatable dolly after service is including all the spare parts, such as DC brushless motor, electric kit set, battery, controller, starter, wires, motor wheel, tires, etc. There is no worry for you to think about it. We will prepare it for you when you place order, and give you the specification of how to protect and fix these replacements. 

Sixly, find a good logistics to deliver. The Trade Peak Electric inflatable dolly is with battery. You have to find the good logistics to carry them. The electric inflatable dolly is with CE, CSA certificate that is ok for your selling in local. It should be finished the safety testing by any shipment carrier. It should be protected the products and guaranteed all could be arrived on time. 

Electric dollyTransport Packages                                          Carry Haystacks                           Load Inflatables

After reading this, I believe and hope you could get the ultimate guides to find the right electric inflatable dolly. If there is still questions or inquiries, you could find us to talk more. Send email to, our team will offer more details to you. And also, you could leave your comments online, we could check it and reply you directly. Anyway, thanks for your reading. As myself and members of Trade Peak, we are ready to be at your service! Your any comment is welcome! 

Post time: Dec-20-2022
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