Self loading Dumper & Mini Excavator – Better Selling Option

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha.

After the self loading mini dumper introduction live, the mini excavator is coming. The aim of this live is from one of our buyers who mix this two models and sold them well in local. And when i was talking with him about livestream, he said why not share my case? So that’s it.

For self loading mini dumper QTP500H & QTP600H, both is with 500kgs load capacity, and with shovel at the front, under this situation, you need another machine to help you to dig something directly and load into the dumper at the same time. It could help you to save the time and energy, there is no need for you to carry soil or other stuff with labor tools. And there is 0.8t, 1.0t, 1.2t or more bigger excavators in Trade peak Product Collection. However, 0.8t and 1.0t is the best suitable model for your homage or garden building. So this mini excavator model QTP08 will supply for your reference.

800kgs mini digger

It is Koop/ Changchai diesel engine, with 12 horsepower to support the 800 kgs digging capacity. The chassis width is only 780mm, roughly 31 inches to go through the narrow places, the rubber tracks on it is 180mm, and you may remember the width of 500kgs self loading mini dumper, they are all with similar width dimension, and the rubber track is same, this is the reason i introduce these items together in today’s live. Ok, let’s move on. 0.8t mini excavator with 0.025 cubic meter of the standard bucket to help you to dig enough soil or sand at one time. And the rubber tracks ground clearance is also 380mm, which could be matched with 500kgs self loading mini dumper very well. With the digging depth 1320mm could make your working easy and effortlessly. I believe you must enjoy this two machine company, and compact your working process in daily life, and under the 2490mm digging height can provide the better working experience at the high position. This 0.8t excavator is a good helper for construction site or building area. With 12 months warranty of the engine, motor and pump, no worry for your selling in local market.

attachment on mini digger

After the basic datas of this 800kgs mini excavator, let’s see a short video of operation process. Although it is small, powerful and strong enough to support your working from day to night. The cabin can protect you from sun exposure and rainy. The two hand system could make operating easy and keep the digger balanced. Considering some other needs and request on the mini excavator, we supply some attachments for your review. The first one is Rake, the second one is , the third one,,,,,,, You could choose them according to your usage, or your selling experience. All of them could be replaced and attached on mini excavator directly, we have already assembled the connection spare parts on it.

self loading dumper and 800kgs mini digger

Ok. Except for the accessories and specifications on 800kgs mini excavator, I will talk about some selling options. As I mentioned at the beginning of live, self loading mini dumper and 800kgs mini excavator could enlarge your selling channel. This is also the good feedback by our different buyers, such as self loading plus 800kgs mini excavator, when people need mini digger to make some home building, they also need a machine that can transport, so no mater for selling or renting, these two models could match each other very well. The first selling option is 6 pcs QTP500H plus 6 pcs QTP08 into 40HQ container. This two model are assembly well, mini dumper is with wooden pallet, mini excavator is in bulk, when we load them, we use thickness metal wires to fix them well into container. For this selling option, I advise you to make it in European market due to the design of mini dumper is much more welcomed in Europe. For the second selling options, that is QTP600H plus QTP08 mini excavator, same loading quantities as the first one. The second selling option is probably for North-American market, and no matter which option you choose, or you want to mix them, that is no problem.

As a manufacturer, control the top quality of machine is our goal, as a sales or marketing member, help you to sell machine very well is also our aim, as myself and Trade Peak team, we put our heart to support you and your company. 

Post time: Jul-14-2022
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