QTP5553 Electric Log Splitter

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Trade Peak Channel, this is Samantha. Hope you have a nice day! Today, we will show you new item electric power tools – electric log splitter. It is small but powerful. It’s used for splitting woods in homage or forestry fields.

Manually splitter logs is a labor intensive work. It takes much of your time and energy. If you want to split firewood quick and effortlessly, en electric log splitter is what you need. Electric log splitter is a piece of equipment that cut soft and hard wood logs to use in a fire place, unlike a manual splitters, electric splitters are far more convenient to use as their robust and reliable. This outdoor power equipment might be small in size, but sure it’s big and power. It’s an excellent investment for home owners and land owners, and most importantly for farm owners and small firewood businesses. Whether it’s for commercial or home use, our team is rounded up the best electric log splitters to make your buying decision easier. The model we showed you today’s live is QTP5553 by Trade Peak, with 5 to 15 inches length and 2 to 10 inches diameter to support finishing 4 ton log capacity. The working pressure is 16.5Mpa, and short-circuit rating is 1KA, powerful 7.5A motor provides 1500W of log cracking pressure. Included pull handle and 6 inches never-plat wheels make for easy transportation between jobs. The cable is 1.6 meters long, and own weight is 45 kgs. Will spilt all different types of logs including seasoned or greenwood. Electric power means there is no gasoline, no carbon monoxide emissions, and limited maintenance. With an electric log splitter, you’ll never have to worry about cold starts or clogged carburetors again. Our 20 second cycle time, 14.75 inches cylinder stroke, 16-square-inches push plate, and 5-inches wedge help you take on even the hardest of woods. Easily transport your splitter from the shed to the forest with the on-board pull handle and the two never-flat 6 inches wheels.

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Well, let’s conclude our view of the 4 ton electric log splitters. Whether you are an avid camper, someone who loves backyard bonfires, or simply a homeowner who has a fireplace to keep burning during cold summer nights, the splitters we shared in this live will help you to stock up your firewood quickly and hassle free. We hope our live to help you to decide which splitter suits your preferences, if it did, please go to our website for more products reviews, and welcome you to become part of our growing business, we also do all kinds of lives like this for different types of products. All aim is to provide you with the best selection of products to make your buying decisions easier. So don’t forget to follow Trade Peak for more updates, also please let us know what you think about our live or if there is a product you’d like us to feature by writing it into comments. As always all the links to the products in this review are in the description box, so if you want to find the best prices and more information, make sure to click the product link. That’s all for today, thanks for watching Trade Peak channel.

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The sales promotion is on the way, hope you got this special offer as much as you can, and test the quality, start to long-term business relationship with Trade Peak. We are looking forward to hearing the good news from you soon. 

Post time: Apr-06-2022
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