Power Barrow 300kgs Is Ready to Ship

Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel, this is Samantha talk. After 5 days of Canton Fair, I am back to work. It was a good restart after three years lockdown, I met lots of old partners, and had face to face meeting with some good friends. Getting more communication with them, hope we could be on a new journey and keep up good work.

When I came into our production line, power barrow QTP300N is on the producing, blues, reds and other different colors by different customers’ orders. At that moment, I feel good. And I know it is a normal and simple power barrow who got a lot of satisfactions by different buyers. But I still want to supply some comparisons for your reference.

power barrow

The Trade Peak QTP300N is with Loncin gasoline engine, 6.5hp, 196cc to support your multifunctions. Such as turning, dumping, forwarding and reversing, etc. These different functions are controled by gear box which with 3 forwarder and 1 reverse. The gearwheel is in every single gear box 100% controlled by our own. There is a number on each gear box, when you need to replace or ask for repair, tell us this number is enough. At the same time, the direction system is Trade Peak Patent that means after your fully loading, it is easy for you to turn left and right, this method could make your shoulder with less pressure.

All the screws, nuts and all the metal plate on Trade Peak power barrow, it could be kept for three years. The reason I mentioned this point is from one of my partners who was the reseller of this kind of mini dumper. He imported a lot of powerbarrow in 2020 that the virus started. During these years, selling is slowing, and everything postponed by the uncertain situations. The powerbarrow is still in his warehouse. From the spring of 2023, the selling speed is up, when he opened every pallet to check the details of power barrow, all is in good condition, including the cables connections, screws, nuts, plates, even the wheels, all parts, every detail is new, there is no problem for him to sell this wheel barrow directly.  When he told me this case, I am happy, and I am smile. I know the quality of Trade Peak, so have this confidence to make your purchase as better as we can. Although the worldwide economy is still under recoveried, for the buyers who have already imported a lot products during those years, it takes time for the consumers and market to get better. So the quality is the priority for all of us.


And for the packages, Trade Peak QTP300N is with 85% assembled way to protect all the spare parts into the pallet. Considering the long time of delivery, we added two wooden card slots to fix the metal boxes that can protect the surface from scratching. The other types of powerbarrow which will be 100% assembled into the pallet to send, this will be a problem of unstable condition of the whole product. During the sea or train transportation, it will be transferred to different places to load and unload. The product is 100% good before shipment, if the package is not very well, the product you got will not be perfect.

You always ask for the cheap price, and sometime, it is out of the standard level, you may think it is good, and you got the good price to sell more. However, time will tell us everything. The long term businessship should be there if you want to make a stable business reputations with your company brand. So choose the better supplier, not only for the price, but also for the every process of business could make your business get a long way to go. For now, wheelbarrow QTP300N is ready in stock and ready to ship. Sample testing is within 7 days for delivery. We hope you can get this the best helper to enlarge your selling ranges. If any questions, you could contact me at any time.

Post time: Apr-20-2023
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