New Product is Coming – Electric Handtrolley

Today , we sincerely introduce 2.0 Electric Handtrolley/ Wheelbarrow to you . I think all of you now about wheelbarrow ,handtruck well . It belongs to the labor cart. Now, we do some improvements on it . It is not only a simple tools, but also a convenient vehicles. Let’s see what it looks like .

Electric powerbarrowIt is with forward and backward . When the electric handtrolley/wheelbarrow moves , you only put the different bottom on the handle ,  and adjust it according to your usage and situation . The max. speed is 6km/h. 


Considering your safety ,there is a brake on the handle .If you are in unknow road conditions , the electric handtrolley/wheelbarrow can be stopped directly .


To ensure the lowest pollution to our environment , we use lead acid batteries , the charging time is 2 hours , then you can enjoy 6—8hours working time .


The metal plate on the front of the trolley is 380x240mm . You can put some cartons , bricks and other products on it . And the load capacity is 300kgs , just like the power barrows we sold . We still prepare nylon straps to help you to fix them well .Anyway, if you think the plate is shorter and smaller , just give us feedbacks . We would like to changes it and match with your requests .You know that , it is easy for us to make it .


Hope this new electric handtrolley/wheelbarrow make your garden life better and easier . I know you are interested in it , please send your honorable inquiry to us . We are always here waiting for you .


Post time: Jun-03-2019

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