New Product – Electric Platform Truck

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Trade Peak Channel. Nice to meet you all in new week. Spring is already on the way, hope all things are well and nice. Today, we will show you another electric power tools – electric platform truck, I will introduce some basic data and usage. Candice will show you the operation. Let’s move on.

Electric platform truck, it is light, but with heavy load capacity, and really powerful for construction field, or for warehouse transportation, especially for the hardware shop owner or factory owner, it is a perfect performance on transporting and carrying. With 1pc lithium battery 7.5Ah, 2 pcs 350W DC Brushless motor, and 36V voltage to support you to load 300 kgs, roughly 660 pounds, charging time is nearly 2 hours when the battery is totally empty, and it takes 60 minutes for you to fully charged under the middle electricity.

The transmission is 1F+1R, which controlled by gear that mounted on the wheel, the speed is 4km/h, and it could be 100% matched with your loading request. With 600mm width can help you to go through the narrow place, Candice will show you this function later, the whole dimension of this electric platform truck is 900 x 800 x 1000 mm, that is length, width and height, and the front platform size is 600 mm in width x 900 mm in length. With 2 pcs 6 inches silence caster wheels behind and 2 pcs 6 inches rubber solid wheels in the front to maintain this heavy loading. The supporting frame is totally cast iron that is strong enough. The foldable handle could save your storage space, and there is a shelf at the back of handle that can help you to put some other tools into it, such as wrenches, gloves or notebooks, etc.

QTP200P electric platform truck

It could make your transportation easily and simple, the working time will be almost 5 hours after fully charged, this makes workers keep more time and do more efficiency work. If the stuff is too wider or bigger than the front platform, it is no problem, you only need to add nylon ropes or strings to fix them. With the perfect wheels to make your climbing more soft and stable, the maximum degree will be 25. The highlight of this electric platform truck that is with cruise control, it means you could make it into an average speed to work, and no need, no worry to think about the speed too slow or too fast, there is only one thing you need to do is to control the direction, that is enough, and the same method like a car what’s with this function to save people a lot of energy.

And for the package, it is small, and light, total weight is 32 kgs with carton, 1 pc is in 1ctn, all the spare parts are 100% assembly well, you could use it directly when arrived. For the charging plug, same as other electric power tools which meet your local demand. So for now, introduction on electric platform truck is finished. I will invite Candice to give us operation on this electric power tools. Please keep following, if you have any question, just leave your comments online and we will check it and answer you directly.

Ok, it is all for today, thanks for your watching. If you want to see more products features or interested in other items, please join us and make it better together, if you want to get competitive price and details, please click the product description box to get it. For Trade Peak, we will keep up creating and improving more electric power tools to supply the better buying, using experience for you. So bye for now. 

Post time: Apr-14-2022
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