New Arrival – Self Loading & Lifting Tracked Dumper is ready for Order

Hello everyone, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samanatha, nice to meet you in the new product series. Have you finished your stock items sales plan? Is everything goes well? What about the consumer feedback? Which kind of mini dumper highly welcomed? I think these are the questions or the points that you may concern about. Considering the whole economic situation, Trade Peak keep thinking and making a new model which can be moderated price and better selling option, 800 kgs self loading and high lifting version mini dumper was born. Now, please follow up my steps to get some introduction.

The Tracked Mini Dumpers are the pinnacle of our line up. These machines are designed with maximum comfort and efficiency in mind. These machines come in 2 operational functions: a mechanical and a fully hydraulic system. All machines can hold a minimum of 1100 Lbs which is equivalent to 5-6 standard size wheelbarrows making them the most efficient machines in our lineup. With the optional front loader, these machines eliminate the need for manual labor while moving soil, aggregates, mulch, river rocks, and other materials. All of our machines have a hydraulic dump function allowing for the maximum operator comfort. With the high dumping model, our machines can reach a ledge of up to 7 feet above the ground allowing for immediate loading in a bins, trucks and trailers. The Tracked Mini Dumpers are great for everyday use and many different applications, including the movement of concrete.

self loading mini dumper 800kg

Self loading mini dumper is becoming more and more popular in the transportation area, it could help you to get more simple and easy operation, as well as the powerful and stronger multi functions of hydraulic tipping and loading. Under the main body, 800kgs model is with higher clear ground, that is 30 degree to climb for hills and mountaines. With the metal standing platform at the back of the machine, you could stand on it to save lot of energy and time from day to night work. The whole width of this dumper is only 780mm, which could help you to go through some narrow places easily. Could you imagine when you work it in vairous field, this guy give you a lot of good perfomance, such as the stronger load capacity, the powerful engine, the beautiful out-looking design, etc.

The same bottom structure as a mini excavator was assembled on this model to offer a super working condition. Under this special application in the mini dumper collection could enlarge your selling market. With Euro 5 and EPA standard on KOOP diesel engine, it will be a good helpful in the South-Asia, like in Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam, etc. The high extension on the metal bucket can be done for you to supply more space for loading different products.

With detachable front shovels can supply more selling options. There will be two different configuration for your reference. The one with front shovel, the other one will be without. The hydraulic system is imported and dometic, two different versions. The quality is no difference.

L shape lifting type is our original design on this mini transporter, which could maintain the lifting when fully loading. The method on this lifting may almost balance the whole machine when users using. This is the big different from the other hydarulic tipping lifting dumpers that are with X jack. 1.0 meter is the beginning lifting height for 800kgs model, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, etc is continously produced according to your request. 4.0km.h is the max. data on speed. May some of you think it is not quick enough, but we adivse you to use this under the safety consideration.

self loading tracked dumper

  • Ride on Stand ( 100KG MAX )
  • KOOP 192 Diesel Tracked Dumper
  • Self Loading Bucket
  • 5.5L Fuel Capacity
  • Hydraulic Drive System
  • 800KG Capacity
  • Hydraulic Tipping
  • Pump Flow 30.0L/min
  • 12.8L Hydraulic pump Capacity
  • 0- 4.2KM/HR
  • Maximum 30 Degree
  • Screw Adjustment Tension Control Type

QTP800H tracked mini dumper is our entry level fully hydraulic unit. This machine comes with multiple variations such as a scissor lift or self loader, or both! with a stand on the back platform, and a hydraulic operation, this unit provides its’ users the maximum level of comfort while getting the job done! Offer sheet, operation video and other professional information will reply you if you are interested in. That’s all for today’s introduction, welcome your any comments and feedback. Samantha and members of Trade Peak are ready at your service.









Post time: Mar-17-2023
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