Let’s kick off work in 2021!

Hi, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! Best wishes to all of you, no matter where you are, all is the best in 2021.

Let’s review special point in 2020. When everything goes well around the world, there was a sharp-stop in China during the last Spring Festival, the reason is virus. People stay at home, we work from home, nobody didn’t allow to go out. All was silence. I don’t think you can imagine that situation. It’s hard and dark.

No matter which industry, all is waiting for recovering. Factory closed, workers were in hometown, restaurants not open, etc. Eeverything changes. From January to March, all Chinese people were waiting and concerning about the process of COVID-19, doctors and engineers put their own heart to make contribution to our country. You have read this news on TV and any channel in the world. At the same time, there’s still negative invoice coming out, they said China should say “sorry” to the world, and need to be punished. It’s not ok to judge it only by right or wrong. It’s all about human beings. When docutors and nurses were fighting at the first line to protect us, how could we say this is their work and responsibility? They all did kids, daughters, wives or husbands or other relatives to so many different families.

All effors are reported. Lift is going well as usual. People go back to work, all shopping malls reopened, especially for factories who are the main parts in every fields, orders become booming increased.  In this new year, we have some plans about products and body shops to maintain the quality level and innovations. Let’s see what they are.

Firstly, supplying more electric power barrows. As we all know, more environmental products we supply, the more time our planet will stay. There are two wheels and three wheels electric wheelbarrows for your reference, and with adjustable metal frame, it can be with plastic tray and metal. The details are in our new products range on our official website, please kindly to check it, and if more comments, that is welcome.

Second, it is production organization. From 2020 to now, China as the world manufacturer showed us a lot, it means we need to increase our turnover and get more steps on it. We prepare to add two more production lines to keep order goes well, and also collect fields which is nearer our location to ensure all the supply. For the most important part on machine, it is engine, we adjust Loncin to HSD, B&S or Honda. Even though, it is still tough. So if you have new inquiry, please consider it earlier than before.

Third one is about team. We welcome all freshmen who are willing to this industry, and the some professionals will try their best to offer more ability and experience to you to make your career easy and simple. Team work is our priority regulations, and at the same time, we supply abroad exhibition for the new to maintain they have enough space to grow up in the short time.

So take more actions and support more in 2021, we kick off work and move forward to more parts than usual. Please join us and get together!

kick off work in 2021





Post time: Feb-20-2021
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