Interesting facts about the winter of different countries

It’s winter again, but in the eyes of people in different countries, the same ice and snow can be turned into different kinds of fun.People with different regional environments and cultural backgrounds use their own unique ways to greet the scenery of winter in nature, which also adds several different clever colors to this desolate and cold season.


The most comprehensive: enjoy winter fun at once

Can fishing only be done in places where the weather is fine and the water waves are gentle? Not really. Hwacheon County, South Korea once held an annual ice fishing event, which was listed as a cultural heritage by UNESCO and one of the world’s four major winter festivals, attracting millions of tourists every year.

In addition to participating in activities such as ice fishing, skiing, and trout catching with bare hands during the day, visitors can also watch Hallyu performances at night, enjoy various cuisines, etc., and experience various winter fun.


The most creative: “Ice Pool Hot Spring” to see the stars

In the cold winter, the bubble hot spring is really a pleasant thing, but have you ever tried to soak the “ice spring” in the open air in the ice pool? In the “ICE VILLAGE” that is routinely used every year in a resort in Hokkaido, Japan, in addition to guest rooms with ice beds and ice lamps made of ice, the “Ice no open-air bath” appears for the first time.

The so-called open-air bath is a jacuzzi embedded in a circular ice cube with a diameter of about 6 meters. Although the temperature around the hotel has been as low as minus 20 degrees, the bathtub can always maintain 40 to 42 degrees. Visitors can soak in the hot water and breathe the clear winter air, while enjoying the beautiful starry sky in the silent night with their loved ones. Isn’t it special and wonderful?


The most moral: being baptized by splashing ice water

In addition to enjoyment, cold winter can also be a time to test perseverance. Also in Japan, a traditional “cold water splashing ceremony” was held at Atago Shrine in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, just after New Year’s Day. On the same day, four local newly-married men, four of them dressed in the light kimono “yukata” worn by Japanese in summer, stood facing the cold wind on the sand with special straw ropes.

In the enclosed area, four local single youths used cold water from a well to slam the first-class parts of the four of them three times. This “cold water splashing ceremony” is a special custom that has continued for more than 400 years in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It is reported that this is considered to bless the whole family, and it will also bode well for local development.


The bravest: the national challenge of the fighting nation

Does the one above sound cold? But there are more “cold” ones. In Russia, known as a fighting nation, every November 27th is Russia’s “Polar Bear Day”. To celebrate this holiday, a local winter swimming club in Krasnoyarsk opened a new round of ice bucket challenge in the snow.

Here, both adults and children are involved, and a winter swimming enthusiast even “relentlessly” poured ice water on his 7- and 2-year-old daughters. Although some netizens once mistakenly believed that this was some kind of corporal punishment, local people are more inclined to claim that this kind of training can keep children healthy.


The most romantic: super comfortable skating

In the “Romantic Capital” Paris, people spend the winter in a softer and more romantic way. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has set up an ice skating rink for tourists to enjoy the beautiful night view besides skating for free. Visitors can slide freely on the skating rink while overlooking the city of Paris.

The skating rink at night is even more romantic with the Eiffel Tower, which is stained yellow with lights. There is also a bar next to the skating rink, providing hot chocolate and fragrant wine to warm the body and mind of passengers and enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. It is reported that the ice skating rink, which only appears in winter every year, is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, about 58 meters above the ground, with a total area of ​​about 186 square meters.


The most traditional: European towns enjoy a winter parade

In Spain, people without ice and snow can still experience the fun of winter. When winter comes, the residents of Cirio, a small town in the province of Cantabria in northern Spain, dressed as treants and bears and took to the streets to hold a masked parade to celebrate the beginning of the new year. The La Vijanera mask parade in the small town of Sirio is a traditional Spanish festival held on the first Sunday of each year.

On this day, everyone put on masks and took to the streets dressed as folktale characters to commemorate the passing of the old year and the arrival of the new year. At the same time, the mask parade in Cirio also kicked off the European Winter Carnival.


There are many ways to welcome winter around the world, which make the cold winters present different scenery. Hope all of you can enjoy this season.

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Post time: Dec-04-2020
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