How to Maintain your Mini Dumper

For now , some users are worried about the after service of mini dumper , because most of them are personal buyers, they are lack of repair ability . Today , we will talk about how to maintain your mini dumper in your home .


First of all , you should know the key part of your mini dumper .It includes engine , gearbox cables and Rubber Track etc.


About Engine . All the mini dumper is with popular brand engine . Such as Briggs&Stratton, Loncin ,Honda and Zongshen. Before your start,  please pay attention to the engine oil . When we exported machine , there is no oil, you need to add 4 stroke vehicle oil , the tank capacity will be 2L–3L, it accordings to the model you bought , some of them are small , some of them are big .During the usage , remember the oil filter ,it need to be replaced every 12 months to ensure the engine is powerful. If there is more complicated problems on engine , both of them have seaside after service ,there is a number on every engine shell, you tell them this number , they can help you , or you can transfer this number to us , we solve it for you .


Then, let’s see the gearbox .Normally the crawler mini dumper is belt drive , the wheel dumper is chain drive .Before we sending , every dumper need to be tested in our factory , there is gear oil in it . During your usage , there is a ruler at the left of gear plate , check it in every 6 months , and replace in 12 months.


The third part is cables . Yes, it is wearing parts. We advise you to prepare 4–10pcs to keep the dumper operate easily. It includes steering cables , clutch cables , brake cables and accelerator cables . If it is broken , you can fix it by yourself .There is metal pipe on the cables , turn it to tighten and loosen .


The forth one is rubber track . Small crawler dumper size is 180×60. It is with turf pattern and durable .Warranty is 6 months ,you just need to look at it one time once a year .


After all of this , your mini dumper can work well and last for a long time using . If you want to know more , welcome to contact with us .





Post time: May-24-2019

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