How to get mini excavator in Europe during the pandemic?

Many people in Europe stayed in over March and April due to the conronovirus outbreak. Same situation in China during the lunar New Year. In my opinion, all of you have been watched TV to know there was Fangcang hospital in Wuhan during the coronovirus pandemic, and one was called Fir-God Mountain, also Huoshenshan in Chinese, and another was named Thunder God Mountain, Leshenshan. Huoshenshan hospital took 10 days to build up and tested into usage, Leishenshan hospital costs 12 days to finish and accept the infection people. For now, all the European need more activities than before. You need to decorate your gardens, fix the storage, bulid the pet room, etc.

Let us see what kind of construction machinery has been used for this special tasks. There were 36 sets hydraulic trucks, 40 sets mini excavators, 10 sets bulldozers, 2 sets forklift and 2 sets loader trucks, etc. All this actions was based on Chinese government. They want to guarantee the people who was infected by virus to stay at one certain place to be treated well. This news was rapidly reported by the international news. We have been locked down for almost 60 days, and we have already gone through this terrible situation. So when the similar circumstance was happened in Europe, there is a bright idea in our mind that we want to make something different. And then we contacted with all our old partner who is in Europe to know how their life was and what they really need. They told me there was lack of places to make all people cared well. At last we decide to build warehouse in Poland, Europe, also try our best to prepare the different kinds of construction machinery, such as mini excavator, mini dumper, mini loader, backhole loader etc, and deliver them by train as soon as possible. We hope our old partner can use all these machines to build their own real fangcang hospital to make things get better soon.

With this polish warehouse, it is convenient for you to purchase directly from local. Some people always worry about the long shipping time, on the other hand, you will much more concern about the after-service. I know many of you are not an engineer, will think about if machine is with some problems, how you can fix it by yourself. Also if you want to sell it in your market in the future, you will try some samples, however it still costs a lot. For now, all of this have been done, you can enjoy it in your local. We provid warranty and post- warranty service as well as permanent access to spare parts. Thanks to this, you can be sure that mini excavator, mini loaders or other construction machinery will serve you for many years and their operation will be trouble-free. And the most important thing is that we start to work, we got the allowance from government to open our warehouse to support the economic recovery.

So don’t hesitate anmore, get your machine be home right now. Just email us to, or call us direclty 0086-183-6627-5185. Our polish warehouse workers are waiting for you, and supply the best service they can. 



Post time: May-01-2020

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