Electric Log Splitter Purchasing Tips

Hello there, welcome to Trade Peak Channel, this is Samantha from Trade Peak. We are specialized in power barrow, electric power tools, as well as other construction equipment for 10 years. With full exporting experience and high manufacturing ability to make your purchase efficiency.

Trade Peak Electric log splitter, which with 2 handed operation system, DC brushless motor to support splitting very well. The sharp 45 degree angles blade can make your work effortlessly. The rubber handle can make transportation easy and simple. It is much more efficient than the hammer and axe manually working method. The most important point is there is no worry to think about adding oil or how the machine works if there is no oil, and at the same time, it is no harmful for environment. Under these advantages, Trade Peak design and supply the most convenient tools for your daily work. It’s an excellent investment for for home owners or land owners, and most importantly for farm owners and small firewood business.

Whether it’s for commercial or home use, our team is rounded up with the best electric log splitters to make your purchase easier. 

electric log splitter

4t electric log splitter QTP3055, WITH 1500W dc brushless motor, the splitting ability is 370mm in length, 250mm in width, with 4t splitting capacity to help you splitt simple and efficiency. The working pressure is 16.5mpa, and short-circuit rating is 1 ka, powerful 7.5ah motor provides 1500w of log cracking pressure. Included pull handle and 6 inch rubber wheel with plastic rim make the easy transportation between different jobs. The standard wire cable is 1.6 meters long, and own weight is 45 kgs. It will splitt all different kinds of wood, no matter it is green one or seasoned. The two handed operation system could splitt all kinds of wood very easy and simple, and could protect operator from harming and hurting.

And the next model is QTP3058, it is 5t splitting capacity, with 2200w DC brushless motor to support 520mm in length, 250mm in diameter splitting. As you may want to know the horizontal log splitter ranges, the capacity is from 4T to 8T. The attachments on it could be supporting frame or safety covers, both of them could be suitable on different splitting capacity.

The third log splitter is QTP5575 with 8T splitting capacity, the motor is 2300W, and own weight is 87kgs to make splitting very stronger and powerful.



Electric power means there is no gasoline, no carbon monoxide emissions, and there is no limited maintenance. With an electric log splitter, you will never to worry about the cold start or damaged carburetor again.  

And it must be mounted with safety guard for EU market, the new CE regulations requested it. It can be fitted to protect the operator when in use. And if you are not planning to sell in that market, no guard could be no problem. 

Well, let’s conclude our view of the 4 ton electric log splitters. Whether you are an avid camper, someone who loves backyard bonfires, or simply a homeowner who has a fireplace to keep burning during cold summer nights, the splitters we shared in this live will help you to stock up your firewood quickly and hassle free. We hope our live to help you to decide which splitter suits your preferences, if it did, please go to our website for more products reviews, and welcome you to become part of our growing business, we also do all kinds of lives like this for different types of products.


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Post time: Aug-01-2022
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