Construction Equipment on Super September is coming

Welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha from Trade Peak. Super September for construction equipment starts right now. I will introduce some models with sales promotion for your better choice. 

First of all, considering the freshers are here, let me introduce Trade Peak first. We are established at 2011, and joint ventures type of company. There are four different factories that located in Shandong Province. The mainly products are rubber tracked dumper, wheeled dumper, concrete mixer, plate compactor and some wheelbarrows. With 12 different production lines to support your different purchasing request. There are different producing equipment, like welding, punching, bending, CNC, laser machines, powder coating, desander, and so on.

For the working process of every single order, it is raw material preparing, cutting, bending, laser cutting, welded and power coating, then make all spare parts into assembly line to fix them. After these parts, all finished products will go into the quality checking part, every single machine, no matter it is mini dumper, concrete mixer or snow blower, our workers adjust it and check it. Then it will be to the final testing by robot line. After all these process, we will pack them into carton or boxes. For now, all the producing process finished, and forwarder will contact us to get the exactly shipping date, load them into container. After the simple introduction about our company and working process, hope you know more about us. And now let’s see some Super September Activity. 

Two special events:
NO.1 :
Get these free when you place order:
1. Wheel barrow collection: RUBBER WHEEL for LCL order, GEAR BOX for FCL order.
2. Crawler dumper collection: POPULAR SET (handlebar, cable, belt) for LCL order,
GEAR BOX for FCL order.
3. Electric power tools: WRENCH SET for LCL order, ELECTRIC CONTROLLER KIT
for FCL order.
4. Construction collection:
PROTECTION SET (goggles and gloves) for LCL order,
5. Mini excavator: SEAT CUSHION for LCL order, ACCESSORIES for FCL order.
Super September
No. 2:
We prepared wireless headphones as gift to find a lucky guy by sharing us your true
Leave us message online or by email about the machine you want to share, by photo
or video, we will choose one and send you gift free! For new clients we will also
send you a free one when you make any order from Trade Peak! The lucky draw
will be announced on our Facebook page . Come on!
The Sample quantities of different models are as follows:
Power Barrow QTP300N, Loncin gas power is 7 pcs
Power Barrow QTP300N, Honda GX160 is 4 pcs
Tracked Barrow QTP500C, Loncin gas power: 1pc
Snow Blower QTP0260, Loncin gas power: 15 pcs
Concrete Mixer QTP4055, DC brushless Motor: 1 pc
Concrete Mixer QTP4060, DC brushelss Motor: 4 pcs
The other product like log splitter, wood chipper will be arranged separate. 

Ok, that’s all for today, hope you enjoy this moment with me, and I would like to share more details of Trade Peak, no matter products or other working process. Is there any question? If yes, do not hesitate to ask, i can answer you directly. If you are interested in more product details, don’t forget to click the product link online, or go to our website to see more details. If you like today’s live, please give me more like and thumb. Your any inquiry is welcome. And we start to collect some product feedbacks by different users. If you are our clients or who have already bought our product before, please sharing your using experience to us, and we will choose the guy who could get the super surprise. It will be free spare parts , big discount or better shipping cost, even the free samples. The activity will last in whole August. No matter where you shared, on Facebook or Alibaba or our offical website, all is no problem. Don’t hesitate to do something different. Let’s see who is the lucky dog.

sales promotion

Thanks for your reading! If it’s night, wish you sweet dream, if it’s afternoon, take a rest, if it’s morning, have a nice day!  Anyway, hope you could get this chance to get the product you want! 

Post time: Sep-06-2022
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