Brighter 2020 is coming

In China, the traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Spring, the first solar term of the year, begins this year on Feb 4 and ends on Feb 18. Today is 4th, Feb, we call it Li Chun .

Start of Spring lifts the curtain of spring. After that everything turns green and full of vigor; people clearly see that the daytime is becoming longer and the weather is becoming warmer.

On this meaningful day , we start to work and make some new plans on 2020 .

First of all , maintain the product quality . As we all know, quality is the life of any manufacturer , this is the sufficient and necessary conditions.

Then, do some innovations on new products , which is related to the construction machinery . It includes walk- behind lawn mower, string trimmer mover, walk-behind lawn mover and walk-behind blower . Total is 4 kinds .

Third , improve the package production line to keep clients good purchasing . We import 15 pcs robots to check the working process to ensure no parts missing .

Forth , optimize the producing process . This is the huge part , it includes importing the raw material , arranging order quantity and precedence , making policy etc .

Fifth , attract more educated person to keep engineer team fresh and top .

We hope we can get better through this changes and plans , and supply the newest service and products to our clients .



Post time: Feb-04-2020

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