A best choice-mini excavator QTP10

With the expansion of the market and the rapid growth of the economy. People’s needs are also increasing, people are not satisfied with simply eating, drinking and having fun. They need place to relax their minds and bodies out of the work. Then the needs to build facilities arise. We also find the construction works everywhere. The construction machinery become important tools.

Our company, Trade Peak, which supply different models of mini excavator, mini dumper, concrete mixer and some other construction machinery. With rich experience in exporting and manufacturing. Our products are sold to Europe, North American, South American, etc. The customers give high praise as bellows:


We believe that our products can guarantee your different demands of machine. Whatever works do you use in farm or garden, it is always your good choice. You can take small cost with high quality.

In order to understand our products more clearly, I would like to introduce hot sale product: mini excavator QTP10.



Operating weight:0.9ton

Bucket capacity:0.025cbm

Max Digging Height: 2365mm

Max Digging Depth: 1650mm

Max Digging Radius: 2560mm

Mini excavator with compact structure and strong design makes it smoothly to get through varieties of narrow place. It is very suitable for construction work. It is equipped with accessories as follows:


The advantages of QTP10:

1.The cabin is designed according to the structure of human body for driver’s comfort
2.Excellent mining and lifting performance to you the greatest effect
3.Compact structure makes it flexible to move in narrow place
4.Low fuel consumption, easy to maintain and fair price
5.Powerful digging capacity
6.Excellent balance and flexibility
7.Strong traction
8.Rubber tracks don’t damage the floor and can be easily through each door.
9.Equipped with CE,EPA
10.Professional team supervise every step.
11.100% test before delivery
12.Pay attention to details to your greatest satisfaction

Customer needs are our first consideration since the foundation. Since you choose us, it is trust in us.We put our heart to meet your demands. Trade Peak is your best choice. We sincerely look forward to your cooperation and to be your best business partner in local. 

Post time: Oct-09-2021
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