Log Splitter QTP5605 8ton

  • Log Splitter QTP5605 8ton
  • Log Splitter QTP5605 8ton
  • Log Splitter QTP5605 8ton
  • Log Splitter QTP5605 8ton

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1. Outstanding design: User-friendly design,with hydraulic system,it has small size, light weight and compact structure. It is easy to learn and use by one person.

2. High precision: Unlike most traditional eucalyptus methods and equipment, the hydraulic shovel machine can accurately determine the swaying direction in advance, and can achieve accuracy according to the required split shape and the size of the part to be taken out.

3. high safety performance: Compliance with the latest EU safety standards,hydraulic shovel machine uses the physical properties of hydraulic oil uncompressible and flowable, static thrust, to achieve static controllability. Therefore no complicated security measures need to be taken.

4. environmentally friendly: green environmental protection eucalyptus expert , hydraulic shovel machine When working, there will be no vibration, impact, noise, dust and flying debris, etc., the surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, in urban construction, and close to equipment, work can be done without interference.

log splitter

Model   QTP5886 QTP5602 QTOP5706 QTP5708
Force 8.0 8.0 8.0 9.0
Log Capacity 550mm long300mm dia. 59cm/67cm/82cm/108cmlong 1040mm long300mm dia. 1040mm long300mm dia.
Motor 3Phase 3500w 1Phase 2200w 3Phase 2100w 3Phase 3500w
weight 108kg 110kg 155kg 166kg


log splitter

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